In situ measurements


Compact and
easy to use


All in 1:
3D Intensity
Sound Pressure level


Make complex sound measurements with a simple device!

Some noise of our modern life can have detrimental effect to our hearing. To avoid such side effects, unwilling sound has to be reduced. But noise changes depending on the listening conditions and diffusion.┬áMeasurements and simulation help identifying the root cause of an emanating source. However, noise testing is mostly done under lab conditions. But lab conditions are non realistic… And lab testing is restrictive, expensive and time consuming.

In-situ measurements allows an exposition to a real-life situation.

Is there a tool allowing such investigation?… YES!!

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We had our launch event yesterday!! It went well! Nice presentations and demo, bites and drinks.
Thank you all for joining the event!


We are proud to launch the new release of the SonoCat on Tuesday 9 October, from 3:30pm to 7pm!
Please come along. We’d like to hear from you before October 1st if you wish to join the event at info@soundinsight.nl.